About Amy

About Amy

Amy Goldman is a gardener, author, artist, philanthropist, and well-known advocate for seed saving, plant breeding, and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Her mission is to celebrate and catalogue the magnificent diversity of standard, open-pollinated varieties, and to promote their conservation. Gregory Long, President of the New York Botanical Garden, describes her as “perhaps the world’s premier vegetable gardener.”

Inspired by nature and the harvest of heirloom treasures from her Hudson Valley gardens, Amy Goldman has created a stunning line of limited-edition bronze sculptures. Aptly named “Rare Forms,” these works of art mirror the singular and timeless beauty of old-fashioned gourds, squash, melons, and tomatoes.

What originally drew Goldman to heirlooms was their beauty. “I was fascinated by their novelty and diversity,” Goldman told Organic Connections. “I fell in love with them because of their good looks and flavor, their utility—not to mention their history and their deeper meanings. . . . By growing heirlooms you are also preserving the best of the past for the future. This notion is sometimes called ‘eater-based conservation.’ . . . Hence it’s good for you and it’s good for the planet.”


To find out more about Amy’s books and her work to preserve heirloom vegetables and fruits visit amygoldmanfowler.com.